Yard Sharing Network

LETS GO Chicago is committed to growing a food-independent Rogers Park!

Email team@letsgochicago.org to apply to join or to share your land!! Want to start a Yard Sharing Network in your neighborhood? We are happy to share our model!

As part of our vision of a ‘greener’ Rogers Park, we support a yard sharing network of shared vegetable gardens on private land. Guided by principles of community building and food justice the network aims to provide new opportunities to grow food while growing as a community. The network consists of partnerships between neighbors with under-used land and neighbors looking for space to grow food. Not only do growers and homeowners split the produce, but a portion goes to neighborhood food distribution efforts. With food prices rising and the environmental and public health consequences of industrial agriculture increasingly evident, the Rogers Park Yard Sharing Network is a platform for our community to come together and begin to support itself. We hope that yard sharing can spread to other neighborhoods and cities around the country.

For more information: Rogers Park Yard Sharing Network Info Packet for Gardeners and Hosts

Our Story:
In the summer of 2011, we piloted the program in a donated back yard, clearing the weeds and creating an enormous and productive vegetable garden. We grew tomatoes, squash, eggplant, kale, peppers, and so much more.

Yard Share

Our beautiful bounty in our first garden!

The network developed further in 2012 and 2013 to include more gardening spaces, reaching the capacity of 7 yards with the potential to support 25+ gardeners.

Our first yard has since become a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) space, where in 2013 we were able to support four shares of healthy food for 15 weeks — that’s a lot of produce! All told, we grew over 1,000 pounds of food there.

A scene from one of our Thursday morning harvests during the Summer of Solutions program.

A scene from one of our Thursday morning harvests during the Summer of Solutions program.

In 2014, we will slowing our infrastructure growth for the season to focus on supporting our network members and increasing our CSA food production, potentially adding more shares and more food!

Stay tuned for a tool kit, more pictures and more stories!

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