Side Garden Extravanganza

One of the goals this past week was to bring a chicken coop, a bike rack and a three-bin compost to fruition in the side yard.

Our finished bike rack in action!

So far the bike rack has been fully constructed, the three bin compost is nearly finished and the chicken coop is well under way.

The 3 bin compost coming along!

We intend to use the chicken eggs for food purposes and the compost for our gardens. These projects were created in order to promote a more self-sustaining residential closed system.

This project has proved to be very successful and with the knowledge gained from such activities we hope to educate the rest of the community using the house as a model for sustainable living. More will be revealed and we hope to utilize a fully operational chicken coop, compost and bike rack as soon as possible.

This is very exciting and with the proper upkeep we hope to use these items well into the future as well. Much has come to pass in the last two days and we have been super busy to make it happen.


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