Mystery Squash

“Holy Cow! Look at the squash! Its huge! What the heck is it??… **pondering** I think.. I think those are pumpkins.” Well it turns out the mysterious squash plant that took over the yard was actually beautiful pumpkins! Sometimes in the garden you are greeted with wonderful surprises. Our three plants grew somewhere around 25 lovely light orange fruits. We made good use of them in garden club! We cut them up and decorated them with vegie monster faces and then used them to decorate the garden and porch 🙂


1 thought on “Mystery Squash

  1. Those awesome pale orange delights that grew in your garden are called cheese pumpkins, and make a killer great pumpkin pie. My mom taught me how to roast those pumpkins whole (about 2 hours on 400 degrees) to make the puree for pie, and the flavor is great. What a beautiful surprise!

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