Heat of the Summer

The relentless heat this week kept things exciting as we finished the second week of the program. In the Children’s Gardening Class, we saw some new, and familiar faces. We made small pots out of clay for the children to plant their own plants. Clay was everywhere, from faces of children to the participants. The kids loved the clay and getting their hands messy while making the pots. In addition to making pots, we taught them about the different kinds of soils and identified which is the best for growing plants. After that, we had the children add soil to the potato plants.

Later on in the week, the participants did some canvassing training. We canvassed for the Children’s Gardening Class. We went around the neighborhood and talked to community members to find children that could join our class. I was a bit nervous going door to door canvassing, but it was actually a pleasant experience. We saw a few children from the class in the neighborhood, and got to know the community by meeting and talking to the people that live in neighborhood. People were interested in what we were doing and passed out quite a few applications for the class. We hope to see some new faces next week in gardening class. We ended the canvassing with some seriously refreshing paletas, or popsicles, from a store a couple blocks away. The weather forecast next week looks comfortable and sunny, I’m looking forward to making progress with our gardens. Look out for a new post later this week.


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