Coming back for a second Summer of Solutions


David Mack (center) talking with the LETS GO team in summer 2012

Hello everyone! My name is David Mack. I am from Evanston, but have lived in Rogers Park all of my life. I just finished my freshman year on June 12. I’m one of the youngest to join Summer of Solutions at the age of 13 (I am 14 now). I am doing my second year here. I like this program because it gives me the chance to make a change in my town. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make their home a better place if they were given the chance? I was given the chance, and now I’m making my home a better place. Continue reading

LETS GO Chicago – Round 2!

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After a successful first year, the Chicago Summer of Solutions team is back and ready for more. In fact, we have been plotting it ever since we put our gardens to bed last October!

What we learned in 2011 will help us build up 2012 into an experience you won’t want to miss. Continue reading

Rain Garden Plants Have Arrived!

The 70+ plants that CNT generously donated for our rain garden have finally arrived!

Rain Garden Plants!

Thanks, CNT!

We will be installing them in our side yard tomorrow in what will surely be an action packed day.  Stop by and lend a hand!  We will be finishing up our window garden and trying our hands at making eco-friendly soap to sell at our harvest party.  Which reminds me, we are having a party!

Come out and chat with us!

To celebrate the end of our summer program will are inviting the community to check out what we have been up to.  We will have our gardens open for touring, delicious fresh treats to snack on, plus you can meet our chickens!  Hope you can make it out.


Rain Garden Planning

As part of our initiative with Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) to install 100 rain gardens in Rogers Park, we are moving forward on planting one right in the backyard of our Koinonia Eco Home.  Last week, the rain garden project crew met up with CNT Senior Engineer Bill Eyring and his daughter to investigate further.  We determined the back corner of the yard to be the best fit for a garden based on the location of the rain spouts.


Scoping out the rain garden spot.

The first step in preparing our rain garden is directing the path of the rain water.  We will do this by digging out the corner of our yard to create a low-lying area which we will then bank with the extracted dirt.  This low-lying area will then be filled with a variety of deep-rooted native plants which will absorb any storm water stopping it from causing any flooding to our property or washing debris into our waterways.

Rain Garden Recon

Testing our yard's water absorption ability

CNT has graciously donated over 70 plants for us to use to create our rain garden.  Hopefully, we will have more pictures and updates to share soon!

-Carly and Rachael