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We’ve added a donation button to our page to improve the process for grassroots contributions. If you’d like to contribute to our Children’s Garden programming or to support young people participating in the Summer of Solutions, please visit our donations page for more information. One-time and recurring donations are easy to set up through our new online system.

The support of individuals continues to enable us to do amazing work in the Rogers Park community. Thank you to all for your ongoing belief in us and the part you play in helping to build a greener future for our neighborhood.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Apply to be a Chicago Summer of Solutions 2012 Program Leader!

The application for 2012 Program Leaders is now LIVE! We will be accepting the initial round of applications through NOVEMBER 29TH DECEMBER 20TH. After that date, applicants will be considered on a rolling basis. This is in an attempt to identify new program leaders prior to the Regional January Gathering in Chicago (Date TBD).

In 2012, our program will focus on these three major project areas:

  • Youth Garden Education – Our children’s garden program will continue to be a mainstay of Chicago Summer of Solutions. For 7 weeks this summer, leaders and participants will engage neighborhood youth between the ages of 5-12 in growing their own food, learning about nutrition, and cooking healthy meals for family and friends. Through the program, the children will build community, practice teamwork, and enjoy a trip to a local, organic farm.
  • Community Yard Sharing – In 2011, we experimented with a lease program to turn a neighbor’s backyard into an urban vegetable oasis. Next year, we plan to roll out a full scale yard sharing program connecting neighbors to unused land in the community to both build relationships and increase access to fresh foods in Rogers Park. Be a part of a major shift in urban land use as we bring this project to scale!
  • Green Infrastructure – Ever wanted to tackle stormwater issues in an urban area? We will be doing just that as we work to build 100 rain gardens in Rogers Park in 2012. Program Leaders will be trained to facilitate the installation, maintenance, and marketing of rain gardens in the community. This project will be conducted in partnership with the Center for Neighborhood Technology and may include a jobs training program for teens if resources allow.

If you would like to apply, please do so ASAP at Any questions, contact Peter Hoy at or 773-414-4242 or Molly Costello at or  714-745-8558.

***Program Leader positions may include a stipend for both the spring planning period and summer program. These stipends are dependent upon grants we are waiting to hear back on as well as our team’s fundraising efforts. We will do everything in our power to ensure that money will not be a limiting factor for those interested in this position.***