LETS GO Chicago – Round 2!

Cross-posted from Solutionaries.net.

After a successful first year, the Chicago Summer of Solutions team is back and ready for more. In fact, we have been plotting it ever since we put our gardens to bed last October!

What we learned in 2011 will help us build up 2012 into an experience you won’t want to miss. Continue reading

Our veggies are coming up!

All of our hard work at our yard share garden is starting to pay off with lots of delicious looking vegetables!  So this morning we did a little harvesting.


Our enormous squash plants are producing some beautiful fruit!

Our squash vines are practically taking over the garden, so it’s good to see they are starting to produce. The weekend storms really helped bulk them up. This guy was half this size on Friday!


Look at that kohlrobi!

Learn more about kohlrabi here! Now we’ve got to figure out how to eat it. Let us know if you’ve got any good recipes!


Erin with our first carrot!

Hopefully, the first of many carrots to come this season! Plus you can see our bush beans filling out in the background.

Bell peppers

Small but beautiful!

The green bell peppers are starting to mature into beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds!

Happy 4th of July!

Hey everybody! Here at Let’s Go, last week was an exciting one.  After a long training week, I for one was happy to finally break into our working groups and start getting our hands dirty.

Molly and I searched through all the seeds and decided on some options for a few empty plot spaces in our yard share.

Then we had a nice productive workday with a healthy dose of weeding.  We managed to plant chamomile, lavender, cilantro, rosemary, carrots, beans, and a few more!

Plus the children’s garden lessons kicked off!  So many exciting projects starting up.  So many exciting things to come this summer (of solutions)!