Fall Benefit Concert this Thursday

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Hello friends, neighbors, supporters! LETS GO Chicago is looking forward to our 5th year doing sustainability and youth development work in this awesome neighborhood of Rogers Park. Help us dig deeper into our community sustainability projects next season by joining us for a music fundraiser at the Heartland Cafe. We will also be seeking your input for our direction in 2015.

For performer details and to RSVP, visit the Facebook event page. (RSVP not required to attend)

Suggested donation is $10-20 at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Rogers Park Seed Library Organizing Meeting

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Are you interested in helping organize a Seed Library in Rogers Park? Then come to LETS GO Chicago’s meeting on Wednesday November 19th. We have received a grant from Shareable to build a library in the neighborhood and are looking for neighbors interested in helping design and run the project. Come learn more!

Location: 1545 W. Morse Ave at the United Church of Rogers Park

What is a seed library?

A seed library, or community seed bank, is a collection of seeds which are made available to the public to promote biodiversity, heirloom garden varieties, and to teach about seed saving and starting. Seed library members “check out” seeds from the library to grow in their gardens. Some seeds that are saved from these plants are then deposited back into the library so they can be made available to more gardeners.

Please email team@letsgochicago.org for questions or for more information.


Summer Gardening Classes

Hello LETS GO followers!

My name is Molly Hulseman, and this is my first year with the Summer Of Solutions team. I am working with the Children’s Garden at the Koinonia house on Ashland. My schedule is different than most summer participants in that I come to SoS just on Mondays.

We are almost 1 month into our program. It began slowly. No children showed up the first day of children’s garden, but the week after we had as many as 15 kids at the garden.

Children’s garden has been going along very smoothly! The goal of the children’s garden is to teach the kids about the importance of plants, organic foods, and growing crops in a city. Each week we decide on a theme, and teach basic lessons on the themes that we have chosen. In our first week we talked to the kids about the water cycle as well as how water allows plants to grow. The next week we talked about the sun’s influence on plant growth.

The kids picked herbs and other foods growing in the Children's Garden to add to their pizzas.

The kids picked herbs and other foods growing in the Children’s Garden to add to their pizzas.

This week (the third week) we taught the kids about the solar system. We taught them ways to remember the solar system. For example MVEMJSUN (My Very Enormous Mammoth Just Sat Under Nana) was how we remember the order of the planets. We also explained to them the reason humans and plants can grow on earth is because of its place in the solar system. In their first activity we had them paint their own planets. Then we cooked pizzas from flour tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever they wanted to pick from the garden. Lettuce, chives, onions, and even raspberries were added to some of the pizzas! We ended the day by letting the kids water all the plants in the garden. It was a refreshing way to end the hot day!

The children are learning about the planets in the solar system.  Here they are drawing what they imagine the solar system looks like.

The children are learning about the planets in the solar system. Here the kids are drawing what they imagine the solar system looks like.

My favorite moment in yesterday’s solar system lesson was when the kids had a chance to draw on the solar system map. With the solar system at the center of the table in the garden, all of the kids had a chance to drawn on the solar system. I asked them to draw extra stars, spaceships, and even aliens on Mars. They all jumped in excitement when I asked them to draw aliens on Mars, almost shoving each other out of the way! We had to tell them to do it one at a time! It is always a rewarding experience when you can get kids excited about an activity.

This experience so far has been very rewarding for me. I came into this program knowing very little about gardening or growing plants. I have learned the true value to growing organic fruits and vegetables. I also have learned that so far I have so much more to learn. Teaching is a great passion of mine. I love when I can teach with students who want to learn. These kids just love to learn! This program has opened my mind to many possibilities to making a brighter, greener future for myself. I am so thankful to be a part of this group of people. I truly believe we are helping improve this city, one seed at a time.

Making models of planets

We are making models of planets.

Join us for the 2014 Chicago Summer of Solutions!

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Hello Everybody! My name is Kendra Keyes and I’ve been working with Summer of Solutions since the summer of 2013.  I was a volunteer and could come and go to the program with flexible hours fit to meet my needs.  It was the perfect summer learning opportunity! I worked on the Yard Sharing team, and got to build these relationships with my team members as well as with a big beautiful garden and all its inhabitants. We got to know the community through our CSA garden and field trips to the farmers market or local bike shop or even the beach. Before I knew it, I felt I was with these people and in this community more than I was with my own. Everything we talked about was interesting and every project we did was enlightening and extremely relevant.

We are looking for people who are interested in things like energy efficiency, community-based energy, green industry, and local food production, to join our team this summer and have a similar experience!

The deadline to apply is April 11th. Apply now at http://bit.ly/applychicago.

I have been working with the team throughout the winter while I have been away at college. This summer I plan to be a program leader and work with the yard sharing network. I can not wait to see what 2014 has in store for Let’s Go Chicago!  
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Yard Sharing Network is getting ready! LETS G(r)O(w) some food!

Hey everyone!

As the summer gets closer, stay up to date with the Yard Sharing Network team at their Facebook page — newly launched! There will be many cool pictures and stories, as well as good urban agriculture tips and more!

The Yard Sharing Network is also accepting applications for landowners and growers — you can use this form to apply to grow, or contact team@letsgochicago.org for more information!

A scene from one of our Thursday morning harvests during the Summer of Solutions program.

A scene from one of our Thursday morning harvests during the Summer of Solutions program.

Program Leader KENDRA and her garlic!
Program Leader KENDRA and her garlic!